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Traverus Global is the fastest growing and #1 home-based business opportunity in the world.  Team X-Factor is a 20 year old business with tons of experience in developing leaders & helping people have success.  We are a global company set on changing and improving the industry, all while allowing the average individual to get started in our company for under $200 and make an above average income in a short amount of time.  You will get the opportunity to capitalize on the largest industry in the world-TRAVEL (currently $8 Trillion dollars and growing).

Your SUCCESS is our goal. We have created a duplicable system for you to plug into and have success.  Our travel services are among the best in the world and we can help you travel ANYWHERE in the world!!  Take a look at the videos above if you have not done so already and see what all the excitement is about.  Then, get back with the person who invited you to take a look at this and let them take you to the next level.  We welcome you aboard our success train and can't wait to help you achieve your dreams!! 

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