About Sonic Jones 

Sonic Jones is the C.E.O. of X-Factor.  He has been in business for himself for 20 years and has been very successful. Sonic has had his hands in the music & entertainment industry, wireless industry, printing, industry and now the travel industry.  With almost 20 years experience in Network Marketing, he has built teams all across the country and now with Paycation is looking forward to building teams all across the world.  He is a proven leader, experienced trainer and loves to have fun as well.  

"As an active Paycation Certified Travel Agent, I can teach you hot to get paid while going on vacations, and make commissions on all of your friends and families that travel too!!  Please contact me for further information."

Don't hesistate to get on the team of and get trained by one of our industry's best trainers.  Sonic is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial dreams as well as your personal goals.  Join our team today and see the difference in your life tomorrow.