Any company rises & falls on it's leadership. Please check out some of the leaders of this team below.  We are proud to continually add to this dynamic team of leaders! 



Sonic Jones is the C.E.O. of X-Factor.  He has been in business for himself for 20 years and has been very successful. Sonic has had his hands in the music & entertainment industry, wireless industry, printing, industry and now the travel industry.  With almost 20 years experience in Network Marketing, he has built teams all across the country and now with Paycation is looking forward to building teams all across the world.  He is a proven leader, experienced trainer and loves to have fun as well.  

"As an active Paycation Certified Travel Agent, I can teach you hot to get paid while going on vacations, and make commissions on all of your friends and families that travel too!!  Please contact me for further information."

Don't hesistate to get on the team of and get trained by one of our industry's best trainers.  Sonic is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial dreams as well as your personal goals.  Join our team today and see the difference in your life tomorrow.  


Presidential Executives

  Hollie Gilmore is the wife of Charles Gilmore Jr. and mother to two boys, Isaiah (17) and Tristan (6). She began her Paycation career in August 2014 sponsored by her good college friend Mr. Sonic "Boom" Jones.  She joined Paycation while still fully employed by Norfolk Southern Railroad Corporation.  " I needed a plan B", said Hollie.  "I need to get out of debt.  My oldest son is a senior in high school.  He is about to go off to college and I would like to put my youngest son back in private school. I cannot do all of this with just my plan A.  Something has to happen."  When Hollie talked with Mr. Jones and realized that she can get paid for something that she and her family are already doing she said that it made sense.  Since her debut in Paycation, she broke a record on Mr. Jones' team by becoming a National Executive ( have a down line of 10 people) 10 days.  Hollie says that she won't stop until she becomes a Diamond.

International Executives

Robert McBride

 National Executives 

Alice Jones is a dedicated travel professional who works a full time corporate job and enjoys booking trips for clients as well as exploring new lands herself.  Alice specializes in group trips and family trips and is looking to continue to build her knowledge in the world of travel as she builds her business on the side securing her long term residual income. 

Lydell WIlliams - An Atlanta native, Lydell grew up in Decatur and then Stone Mountain. He went off to join the United States Marine Corps a month after graduating from Redan HS. He is currently married almost 10 years with two wonderful and smart little girls. Lydell works full time and has always had the entrepreneurial spirit but never found the right company. "Once I saw the Paycation compensation plan, and saw that I didn't have to carry anything in my trunk, taste a nasty tea, sell wigs or makeup and there was no quotas, I knew this is where I needed to be. I knew I HAD to join." He says he especially likes the positive environment and the people that are in the business with him. "Everyone wants you to succeed,  and there is enough room for everyone to win. We all share info and get along great."

Tricia Hayles 

Valencia Mitchell


Kasie Coleman 

Christina Davis 

Pastor Darren Jaime 


Julinda Lee

Lashondra Armstrong 

Kwame Brown 

Jenny Corchado   

Lorette Dessieux 

Tori Nicholas

Celeste Payne

Steve Jeffrey

Kai Solomon

Herman Burrows

Trey Parker

Quincy Walker



Kenneth Saunders III 

Letricia Burns 

Regional Executives  


Connie Joseph


Antoinette Ruff 

Sherry Thompson

Andrea Jones Durr 

Ramona Taft  

Erica Wade

Tisje "Pepsi" Ingram 


Toni Patterson 


Danielle McKinley 

Sheran Duncan 

Tonja Holmes 

Paris Nicole 

Alicia Mitchell   

Carol Dorsey 

Thais Vanderhorst 

Kyle Simpson 

Lalita  Robinson

Gretchen Hazell 

Shakera Lawrence 

Chane Davis 

Shaquana Jenkins

Sonji Franklin